Nursery Penwortham

Are You Looking For A Safe, Secure, Caring Nursery For Your Children?
Look no further than the most nurturing nursery Penwortham has to offer.
Children are full of a love of learning, and at Kensington Nursery, we aim to nurture and develop that love in a place where your children feel safe. All parents want is to see their children blooming and happy, and the staff here at Kensington Nursery are keen to show you that this is precisely what we can provide.

We encourage all of our children here to discover the world around them while developing relationships with their peers and adults. We want them to feel confident and excited to learn new things, explore their very big feelings in a secure place to do so and participate fully in everything Kensington Nursery has to offer.
Communication Is Key
As part of our learning environment, we believe in maintaining constant communication between our staff and you, the parents. We cannot hope to encourage the children in our care to foster strong relationships unless we model this behaviour ourselves. We want to partner with you to understand your child so that we can provide a learning environment that will go from strength to strength.

Children are taught to be polite and courteous while caring for their peers and the equipment that they use. We are proud of our achievements in helping children learn to take responsibility for themselves from a young age, so they grow as a whole, confident little people with a bright future ahead.
Safe, Homely, Respectful
Children at Kensington Nursery are able to learn in a beautiful, bespoke nursery environment. We are proud to watch our children thrive in a place their interests are encouraged, and they are given all the care and interaction that they need. Our philosophy is that children learn better in a smaller, more intimate setting, which is why we provide them with this environment to learn. We encourage exploration, discovery and wonder. It's why we have nature walks on our doorstep!

Our dedicated staff are proud to provide the best nursery Penwortham has around, and we continuously work with our team to improve our own knowledge and qualifications to stay ahead of the learning curve.
About Kensington Nursery
If you are looking for a bespoke nursery Penwortham, then you are in the right place. With 20 spots each year, we enrol children from 3 months to 5 years. We aim to provide them with a sense of independence as they learn so that they can achieve to the very best of their potential. Working with you, we want to ensure that you understand our staff are highly trained, excited to help your children to learn and providing a stimulating and secure environment at all times.

For more information about our nursery, our enrolment process and our facilities for children with additional needs, please call 01772 749 888, and one of our team will be happy to talk you through it all.