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Nurseries, Preston

The city of Preston has on record a population of 141,818 people as recorded in 2018. This is a growing thriving community and as such it requires suitable facilities and reliable community services. When you are looking for suitable nurseries in Preston, we hope you will consider Kensington Nursery for your little ones.
What makes Kensington Nursery, Preston, stand out above all other nurseries?
Kensington Nursery is dedicated to encouraging and maintaining happy and confident children within the learning environment. Confidence comes when children feel they are valued, viewed as important and respected. Approval and recognition are important to all of us. In this kind of environment, we can all flourish and reveal our true potential, using our ability to the full. We need to be encouraged to try our best, and we need to be praised when we do. Children are no different to us all in these regards.
By providing opportunities for young people to develop their personalities intellectually, physically, spiritually, and morally, we help set solid foundations for their later life. By setting them good examples in these areas, we also form positive relationships with them and encourage them to interact effectively with fellow children and adults. We are always working to give our young learners a healthy environment to develop the confidence they need to make their voice heard and their needs met. To promote self-esteem and self-confidence we advocate the use of regular praise and encouragement in all aspects of learning development. At the same time, children need to learn to respect the feelings, beliefs, personalities and property of others. We encourage children to participate fully in our nurseries and with each other, while recognising the diversity we have amongst the children of Preston.
Learning about the responsibility we all have for our own behaviour will help us to impact upon the world and the people around us for the better, making us happier people, and ultimately more successful people in general. The ability to be polite and thoughtful of others is something adults may take for granted. However, this is something we all must learn and develop in our own time. With nurseries such as ours in Preston, valuable life skills can begin early. The environment within nurseries are the ideal setting for developing social skills, as they will meet with an abundance of people and personalities as they play, learn and interact.
All of the nurseries staff are dedicated and committed to each child’s successful learning development and reaching their full potential. We do this by building upon and maintaining a relationship and partnership with parents. Communication is vital to the successful handling of any needs or challenges of the children within the care of our nurseries.
We have a wonderful team here at Kensington Nursery that are all committed to the development and care of your children in Preston. You can see for yourself some of the comments from the parents of Preston. For more information and with any queries you may have, contact us today.