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Play Schools, Preston

Children learn better through play. Naturally, children copy what they see around them to learn about the wider world. For example, a child may watch its mother caring for their younger sibling. A child will then, using a doll and other play things, copy the parent’s actions, perhaps by mimicking feeding, or nappy changing.
Recreating experiences is how children make sense of the world while growing. Play schools offer constant learning opportunities for children in a relaxed, happy setting. Kensington Nursery in Preston, believes that by giving our children a stimulating environment in play school, we encourage them to learn effectively.
Play is a large aspect of the curriculum known as EYSS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This was put together and introduced by the British Government in 2012. It includes two documents that provide a framework by which all play schools in Preston can work from.
The first documentation is called the Statutory framework. This unpins all of the law and legislation that must be complied with in order for a play school to be safe and within the local law. A health and safety conscious play school will implement a nurturing setting as a foundation for successful learning and development. This includes providing healthy eating options.
The second document within the EYSS is called Development Matters. This is split into the various areas of development, set out as accepted stages of progress based on a child age. These include:
1. Physical development
2. Communication and language
3. Personal, social and emotional development
4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the world
7. Expressive arts and design
Here are some examples of learning using play while children are in schools.
• Understanding the world
There is a large community in Preston, making it an ideal location for learning based on local activities and community participation. For example, a child may visit a local park in Preston. Using safety measures, a child can learn about the boundaries that exist in order to keep us away from harm. Road safety and stranger awareness are important aspects of understanding the world.
Being able to see the world around them as it changes during different seasons, and helping them take notice of nature and wildlife means that they learn to work in harmony with the world around them as they grow.
• Expressive arts and design
Preston has many buildings and yearly events dedicated to the celebration and performance of the arts. Cinemas, theatres and galleries lend inspiration into the lives of the children that attend pre schools in Preston. Any art and design opportunities that encourage the pupils to get involve and express themselves through the medium of art and design are presented within the play school environment, as well as in the local community of Preston.
In conclusion, in order for play schools to be effective in helping young ones to flourish they must make good use of the surroundings in accordance with the guidelines of the EYSS.
For more information on Kensington Nursery, the curriculum or facilities contact the staff via the website.