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Pre Schools, Preston

In a world where depression and anxiety related issues are on the increase, pre schools in Preston have a golden opportunity to support and supply children with skills that can help them deal with life’s pressures. Having the coping mechanisms to deal with challenges can begin early on in a child’s life. Pre schools offers the opportunity to identify problems early on and find ways to support the pupils using holistic methods and teaching tools. What can pre schools teach children that will fortify them and help them to cope in later life?
Fundamental British values are there to give children the needed moral background they will need for stability in later life. They also learn they have value and something to offer the world in general no matter who they are or what background they come from. Each value uses a rudimentary concept to provide children with essential skills that they can use throughout their adult lives. There are four values in total. What are they?
What is democracy? In pre school terms, democracy is about giving children options and helping them learn how to make sound decisions, without feeling overwhelmed and feeling unable to cope with results of decision making. Democracy also includes dealing with decisions based on a majority by learning to compromise. When sharing differing viewpoints, it is important that all likes and dislikes are taken seriously and valued.
Rule of law
Even though it is very important that children in pre schools have their opinions valued and heard, it is also a necessary aspect of life to conform to general rules based on a government, practicality, or law.
Helping children to recognise the benefits and importance of law or rules at an early age can help them adapt in later life too primary schools, secondary school and ultimately their future working life.
An example of learning based on Rule of Law, is using positive reinforcement and learning from example. That can include story telling whereby the moral of the story is the consequences of a certain action and the benefits a child gains by following the rules made.
Mutual respect
Mutual respect encompasses all aspects of the community around them. This includes culture, sexual orientation, gender, religion, family background and age. Mutual respect encourages equality based on a fundamental respect that everyone naturally deserves. As the city of Preston and the surrounding areas of Preston have a hugely diverse mix of people, this value is extremely important in order for the children that attend pre-schools in Preston to thrive in their local community.
Individual liberty
Understanding that every child is different is absolutely necessary in order for the development and growth of the individual to flourish. If a child feels like they have to conform to others without expressing their own personality and uniqueness, this can hinder any benefit they may make to society. Any abilities can be stunted by this kind of confinement.
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